Charat Lucky Mineko Charat Lucky
Background Information
Name: Mineko Charat Lucky
Nickname(s): Lucky
Location: Inside a university
Favorite color: Blue and green
Birthday: 9th January, 1991
Favorite role: Anything, but preferably supports
Favorite champion(s) Anivia, Skarner, Cho'Gath, Lulu, Tristana
Joined LoL: 12th September, 2011
Joined wiki: 26th November, 2012


  • Likes cats.
  • Likes cats.
  • Is a moderator.
  • Uses one red critical rune on every single page.
  • Likes chocolate and curry.
  • Aggressive player.
  • Tends to attract enemy attention a lot and die nearly every single teamfight, but still win most of the time.
  • Interested in programming.
  • Likes cats.
  • Ex-translator for Defense of the Shrines.
  • Makes Touhou champion concepts.
  • Writer of the Journal of Justice Overhauled.
  • Color alignment : blue/red. "So you see, I thought that we could improve the code using this function, also CATS CATS CATS CATS CATS CATS"