Background Information
Name: SirAston
Nickname(s): Sir. Or Aston.
Location: Post-National Socialism Germany
Favorite color: Red, Blue... Does White and Black count?
Birthday: 26th February, 1989
Favorite role: Mid, Support
Favorite champion(s) Diana, Gragas, Karma, Katarina, Rammus, Skarner, Sona, Syndra, Ziggs
Joined LoL: Between Lulu- and Hecarim-Release
Joined wiki: July 30th, 2013


  • Custom content creator with a passion. Mostly champs.
  • A fan of dem P&Ps and console games.
    • GM'ing a Pathfinder-round with friends right now.
  • Having too many ideas every day (it can be a burden at times).
  • Walking meme-encyclopedia.
  • Will never play Ranked unless forced by friends.
  • Finally, I have Kitty Kata. YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAH!
  • Exploring DotA 2 and Smite right now.
    • Also exploring Solstice Arena right now. A well-done midcore MOBA despite being published by Zynga.
  • Getting better in Math with every passing month. Don't ask me how that works.
  • Akali has become a good friend for me.
  • Psykolog and Nystus... not so much XD
  • Can casually talk about sex. It's a supernatural skill! ö_ö
  • Fat dude with attitude fueled by 85% willpower and 15% stamina.