Zenketsu Gfds
Background Information
Name: Zenketsu
Nickname(s): Lawli, Zen
Location: Sweden
Favorite color: green (because he is a disgusting good for nothing troll)
Birthday: 2nd January
Favorite role: Varied
Favorite champion(s) Renekton, Taric, every other champion with noticable girth
Joined LoL:
Joined wiki: 23rd June, 2013


  • Likes anime, is therefore a huge weaboo.
  • Dosen't play league often, which means he should die in all the seven hells.
  • Is totally worthless.
  • Is working on trying to become a chat moderator, which is doomed to fail.
  • Is quite literally the worst user on the wiki.
  • Does no good.
  • Ever.
  • Made a new account because he didn't like the name of his previous one, which means he is a literal reincarnation of Satan.
  • Is possibly self-aware, highly unlikely though based on how awful he is.
  • Only good thing he does is screencap convos for moderators, which is stupid and means he should be permabanned to hell.
  • Dosen't like Demise that much, probably because he is inferior and is Satan reincarnated.